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The Children's Future Foundation exists to educate and train the future leaders of Uganda.

TCFF is located in Kiganda Uganda at Highway Secondary School.learn more

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We currently are raising money to rebuild the boy's dorm and for scholarships.

Boys Dorm
We need to raise $23,000 to construct this new dorm complex.

Most of children come from very poor farming families. They need assistance.


My name is Justine Murungi. I praise the Almighty God for the tap he has brought me. The candle of hope keeps burning inside me despite all misery and suffering I have gone through. I, again, thank the Almighty for the energy he gave me to read and become Mubende district’s best candidate in the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education, 2016, obtaining 18 out of 20 points. Born 18 years ago in Kasambya Village, my life has not been easy. … read more

In a bid to provide as relevant an education as possible, Highway Secondary School Kiganda is focusing on equipping learners with 21st-century skills, collaboration and teamwork, creativity and imagination, critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication. One of the realities we are grappling with is to integrate the fast emerging technology in our service delivery – teaching. With limited resources at hand, we are pondering creative ways of getting our students and teachers to make the most out of technology.

[This counsel was given to the students of Highway Secondary School Kiganda by Emmanuel Kwizeera, a former student of Highway Secondary School. Having had his entire secondary school and high school education at the school, Emmanuel excelled in academics and currently works with the Government of Uganda. Emmanuel and other “old students” under their umbrella body, Highway Old Students’ Association (HOSA Kiganda) continue to influence the experience of students and staff of Highway Secondary School Kiganda]. — I always wake up … read more

On February 2, 1835, Lord Macauley addressed the Parliament with these words about Africa: “I have travelled across the length and breadth of Africa and have not seen one person who is beggar, who is a thief such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such caliber, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage … read more

The poverty is often quoted as sin which leads to all types of crimes. The poverty-hit society is always plagued by almost all evils which check the way to prosperity. The main cause of this problem is ignorance and luck of creativity by members of our society yet the society with access to health and education is nurtured with broadening vision and people start thinking beyond self and are encircled with humanity. At present we are living in a society … read more